What Is Enzyme Replacement Therapy

What Is Enzyme Replacement Therapy and How Does it Work?

The cells of your body are always working to carry out complex tasks, most of which go completely unnoticed. But when there is a problem at the cellular level, the effects can be both serious and extensive. Enzymes are one of these small but critical components of healthy bodily function. They’re responsible for interacting with […]

How Does an IV Work

How Does an IV Work?

Most people are familiar with IVs. If you or a loved one has ever been in the hospital, you’ve probably even experienced an IV up close. You’ve seen the pole with a bag attached to it, distributing some kind of liquid into the patient’s body. But few people actually know what exactly an IV is […]

Lupus Diet

The Best Diet for Lupus: What to Eat & Foods to Avoid

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes pain and inflammation to occur throughout the body, most commonly affecting the skin, joints, and internal organs. Like other autoimmune diseases, lupus develops when the immune system misfires. Instead of fighting against disease and infection as it ought, it attacks healthy tissue. While treatment options can help relieve many of […]