Will IV Therapy Help with Cold & Flu Relief?

Will IV Therapy Help with Cold & Flu Relief

Anyone who’s ever had the flu can attest to how disruptive and debilitating it can be. From high fevers, body aches, fatigue, coughing, and diarrhea, you may feel too run down to get anything done — and if you have work and household responsibilities, the concerns about how to get everything done can make the misery increase exponentially. Then there are also individuals who experience complications, such as pneumoniamyocarditis, or encephalitis. What can a person do if traditional medications have failed to provide relief? Would undergoing IV therapy help with the cold and flu?

Will IV Therapy Help with Cold & Flu Relief?

IV therapy can provide relief for cold and flu symptoms for individuals for whom over-the-counter medications and prescribed oral antibiotics have not worked. It’s also an ideal solution for people with an underlying medical condition that makes it difficult or impossible to swallow pills.

IV therapy for cold and flu include a combination of antiemetics and electrolytes. These therapies provide hydration and replenish your body’s fluid levels that can be lost through diarrhea. IV therapy also restores nutrients lost during your illness. In addition, it can also shorten the duration of your cold or flu. IV therapy can provide faster relief than traditional medication because they reach your bloodstream immediately.

What to Expect from IV Therapy for Cold and Flu

When you visit any of Infusion Associates locations, you will meet with one of our experienced healthcare professionals to discuss the details of your therapy. This will include information about dosage, the duration of each infusion treatment, and possible side effects. Once all of your questions have been answered, you will be escorted to one of our treatment rooms. You may request a private one in advance, and you may bring a friend or family member for company or support.

You will receive the infusion therapy from a comfortable reclining chair, and we offer several amenities to make your visit as comfortable as possible. These include blankets, warm beverages, WiFi, and TV. You can also bring snacks of your choice. You will have either a nurse or a doctor monitor your infusion to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Side Effects from IV Therapy for Cold and Flu

As with most medications, undergoing infusion therapy carries the risk of side effects. Not everyone experiences them, but for those who do, they could range from mild to severe and vary from one person to the next. The most common ones include:

  • Headaches
  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Decreased urination
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Muscle spasms
  • A metallic taste in your mouth
  • A cooling sensation down the arm
  • Redness or soreness at the site of injection

If Your Physician Has Recommended IV Therapy, Let Infusion Associates Help You

At Infusion Associates, we provide medically-prescribed infusion therapy for patients with chronic conditions in a welcoming and friendly environment. Our team of healthcare professionals is committed to making the experience as comfortable as possible. We always inform patients of any potential side effects and answer all their questions before starting treatment. In addition, we have a Registered Pharmacist on-staff to make the process as seamless as possible.

If you would like to refer a patient to us or want to inquire about the treatments we offer, you can contact us by calling us at (616) 954-0600 or filling out this form.