First Patient in Minnesota Receives TG Therapeutics’ New Multiple Sclerosis Drug at Infusion Associates Outpatient Infusion Center

First Patient in MN to Receive New Multiple Sclerosis Drug

PLYMOUTH, Minn., March 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Infusion Associates (IA), one of the Midwest’s leading providers of medically prescribed outpatient infusion and injection therapies, completed their first Briumvi™ (ublituximab-xiiy) infusion treatment for a patient at their Plymouth, Minnesota location. Infusion Associates is the first healthcare facility in Minnesota to administer the new FDA approved drug treating multiple sclerosis (MS).

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration granted approval of Briumvi on December 28, 2022 as an infused (given through a needle placed in a vein) disease-modifying therapy for adults with relapsing forms of MS (RMS). Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease that impacts the central nervous system, disrupting the flow of information within the brain and between the brain and body.

Infusion Associates’ leading clinical team has been caring for patients with chronic illnesses, including multiple sclerosis, through infusion and injection treatments for over 20 years. “Briumvi is a highly effective therapy proven to significantly reduce relapse rates, new brain lesions and slow the development of disability in persons with MS,” says Dr. Jonathan Calkwood, referring physician for the patient and medical director at Minnesota Center for Multiple Sclerosis. “I’m thrilled to partner with Infusion Associates to make this new treatment easily accessible for my patients in a comfortable, home away from home environment.”

The new infusion treatment, developed by TG Therapeutics, is the first and only anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody approved for patients with RMS that can be administered in a one-hour infusion following the starting dose. Patients who are prescribed Briumvi will receive it via intravenous infusions every 24 weeks.

IA’s first Briumvi patient, Larissa, shared her excitement to begin receiving the new drug, “Every day, MS patients like myself look for ways to slow symptom progression to stay independent.” She continued, “[I have] hope that this medicine will slow the progression and alleviate my symptoms such as fatigue, numbness, weakness, and developing lesions. I’m excited and hopeful for a stronger future and quality of life.”

To be referred to receive the Briumvi infusion at any Infusion Associates location, please follow and observe the following steps:

  1. Ask your healthcare provider to fax Infusion Associates a completed Briumvi medication order form from their website, as well as clinical notes, demographics and your insurance card to (833) 996-4888.
  2. One of IA’s intake specialists will contact your referring provider to confirm receipt of the Briumvi referral.
  3. The IA team will then verify benefits, obtain any required prior authorizations, and contact you to schedule an appointment.

Visit Infusion Associates’ Briumvi medication page for more information:

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