Patient Assistance

At Infusion Associates, our goal is to make the infusion therapy process go as smoothly and as comfortable as possible. This is why we’re open seven days a week, 365 days of the year; and we offer early morning hours, evening hours, and free parking. To make your visit even easier, you can fill out our Patient Information Sheet prior to your appointment. If you need assistance, we can provide it at our clinic.

In addition, you can review our Financial Policy, where you can read about insurance policies, as well as co-payments and payment plans. For information about health insurance plans we welcome, please review our Accepted Insurances.

Financial Assistance

If you cannot afford the medication you need, please contact our billing office directly at (833) 394-0600 option 3 to see if you qualify for one of the copay assistance programs offered by the pharmaceutical companies.

You can also reach out to the following foundations directly to see if you qualify for assistance: