Kimberly A

Kimberly Agim

Kim has been a Registered Nurse since 2005 and a Nurse Practitioner since 2012, when she joined Infusion Associates. She’s responsible for making sure patients are able to receive their infusions and treating any side effects. She also sees patients for preoperative exams and clinical research exams.

Kim enjoys standing by patients through their infusions and being present for even the most difficult experiences. She finds it rewarding to be a source of comfort and to see them experience relief from disabling symptoms. Giving patients a positive experience is something she’s found encourages them to re-engage with a healthcare practitioner.

Prior to joining our team, she spent the first five years of her career in Intensive Care Units, which gave her valuable experience in tense, life-saving situations. She also has experience treating and managing HIV.

When Kim is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors, running, reading a good book, or traveling.