Don Cox-CFO

Don Cox

Don is responsible for tracking and recording all financial transactions from our interactions with our patients, vendors, and employees. He loves planning and seeing how all the pieces come together to summarize our financial results. In his world, everything has a number associated with it, and AI’s numbers are the result of everyone’s efforts. Although he joined Infusion Associates in 2019, he’s been honing his finance skills for over 25 years.

Don is a licensed CPA since 1989 with a CGMA certificate, a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, and an MBA in Business Administration from Northern Illinois University. He has lived in Chicago, San Diego, and now Grand Rapids.
Prior to joining our team, he audited healthcare entities, worked for a hospital, lab services company, and a medical equipment company, among others.

His hobbies include cycling and golf; however, the latter is more frustration than pleasure. He also spends time walking his dogs, hiking, and traveling to new places. He and his wife have three adult children –– two living in Chicago and one in college at Marquette in Milwaukee, WI.