Fabry Disease Clinical Trial #2

Fabry Disease is a genetic disorder that causes fatty substances to build up throughout the body, narrowing blood vessels and affecting vital organs and the nervous system. Symptoms can be all-encompassing, including unbearable pain, hearing loss, ringing in the ears, and cloudy vision.

A new oral medication for Fabry Disease is being studied to find out whether it can reduce symptoms of Fabry Disease such as pain and stomach problems.

Who can take part in the MODIFY study?

We are currently enrolling in a MODIFY Fabry Disease double-blind clinical trial. This means that one group of patients will receive lucerastat, while the second group will receive a placebo. Neither group will know who’s receiving the medication and who’s receiving the inactive drug.



18 years or older

Key Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria:

  • Diagnosis of Fabry Disease
  • Neuropathic pain
  • No prior treatment with Fabrazyme , have not received Fabrazyme in the last 6 months, or have received Fabrazyme for at least 12 months

Patient Commitment Duration:

6 months with the option to be enrolled in an open-label extension study

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Extremely nice compassionate staff. I was well cared for and met some wonderful people. Thank you.



Aaron Listerman


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